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  • A site about connecting people - both educators and students 
  • A site about being mindful and healthy in mind -
  • Want to stay healthy?  Online fitness and nutrition training with Burgers & Barbells will help you to do just that!
  • - a great blog/website about teachers and what we go through in the classroom.  Kudos to the author, Paul Murphy.

What Are Other Educators Doing??

Adnan Iftekhar


I'm doing a 30 day video series as part of my Google Innovator Project called #healthytechie - it's all about staying healthy with the abundance of technology we have in our lives. My project centers more around learning a topic by pursuing something you are passionate about and publishing the story. You can check out some of the videos at:


Check out this tweet by @kellyihilton, one of the authors of the HYPERDOCS HANDBOOK. She provides a hyperdoc for educators on SELF CARE!!

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