• Welcome to BeWellEDU

    What is BeWellEDU?

    An idea.

    As a former classroom teacher, I was inspired to bring educators together to create a community where we can help each other to find a balance in life and maintain our mental and physical wellness.  We only do our best work if we, ourselves, are well.

    A community.

    I wanted to create a community where those in education can share their hacks, strategies and stories that may inspire others, motivate others or simply put a smile on a face that needed one.  I also hope to feature bloggers with their personal stories.

    An educator.

    I am Charity Helman, and I used to be a full-time classroom teacher.  I am now the Event Coordinator for EdTechTeam Canada, and I am a Google for Education Certified Innovator and Trainer.  Read my story about why I did this project in the blog!

    Share and BeWell

    Share and Be Well

    Do you have a way you keep going and maintain a healthy balance in your life?

    Share your strategy, story, and hacks!

    Let's create a community where we can help each other to "Be Well".